Transferring feelings out of the body & mind.

“You can’t keep things bottled up,” he says. (He has also written a screenplay and a novel.) “It will make you sick.” Mr. Desouvre

What I have done for myself in the past was print out pictures of items that reminded me of some not so great times, pasted them in a journal, and then wrote down next to the image why I was mad, what I wish I had said, and then apologize to my younger self. From there, I would sage the area around me and then rip the page out and burn it outside of the house. It is cathartic for me, and I rarely need to cleanse with writing these days. I have worked hard on letting past pain go. Afterward, I practiced yoga to help move, shift, and let the anger in my body sluff away.

Therapy can a useful tool when implementing this kind of work, at least for me has been. I’ll post a link in the comments to an on-line group and if you are interested, check it out. Sending joyful vibes out to you. 💛

Bobbi Brantley

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