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Bobbi Brantley

Hi everyone, welcome! I'm Bobbi Brantley, the creator of Sage Bloom Yoga, and I also happen to be a person with narcolepsy. Narcolepsy looks and operates differently from person to person. This is what my life with narcolepsy looks like and how and why yoga helps enhance my life and teaching:

I am a night owl. I am raring to clean, work, respond to texts and emails at night when most people sleep. I chat more with people two time zones behind me because I'm awake when they are. I stare off into space sometimes when chatting with people in person. I think that's why I talk with my hands; it is a coping mechanism to stay alert. I can not quote, recite, or pull information from my mind instantly or consistently, only if I have had a good night's sleep. This does not mean "I'm not smart." I no longer accept other's statements like that. I slur my words a lot because my mind is going to sleep while I talk. I have awful night, terrors. I also have some fresh and creative ideas when I exist in a half-awake/half-asleep state. I operate on sleep exhaustion, daily. Narcolepsy is all I have ever known, so I do not think that how I am is weird, because it is my "operating system." I have good days, and I have some not so good days.

I use to let the symptoms of narcolepsy keep me from being present in my own life. I bought into the limiting beliefs that I could not be a yoga teacher and could not run a business. However, yoga helps me to see past those beliefs. Yoga acts as a light switch for my brain. Since I feel alive practicing yoga, it became equally important to teach yoga to others who deal with sleep exhaustion. That led me to be of service to first responders for ten years and counting. I get the importance of wanting to feel alive and energized, both physically and mentally. Here we are, we now offer yoga at our Sage Bloom neighborhood studio.