Bobbi Brantley

Hey Everyone! I’m Bobbi Brantley the creator of Sage Bloom Yoga. I started my yoga practice in 2005 when a friend asked me to join her. I had zero information about yoga, the name of poses, breath work, meditation, etc. I walked in scared and nervous but trying to keep it together because I was afraid of looking like a fool. The teacher didn't know the inner turmoil I was experiencing. I ended up being told to keep my eyes on my own mat because I was watching her assist another new student. I had no idea what I was doing and being told that kept me from going back for a quite a while because I got into my head that I did something wrong. That experience left an impression on me and I now do my best as a teacher to make everyone feel welcomed and encouraged to explore yoga poses on their mat, whatever that looks like for them. I specialize in teaching beginners yoga now and, to date, it has been the most rewarding work of my life. Join me at Sage Bloom Yoga. I would love to work with you.